So here’s what I mean by that

Lots of the prizes were rings geared to popular hero figures, cars, or plastic horses, but my favorite prizes were the charms. As an adult, I love collecting charms of all periods and materials, but Cracker Jack charms remain some of my most treasured finds. The Cracker Jack Company not only had a tasty product of popcorn covered with molasses and peanuts, but they gave away a prize in every box, many of which have survived to delight “kids” of all ages..

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Only identify the major few triggers you have each day. This is to keep from being overwhelmed by trying to work on too many triggers at once. The purpose is to look for patterns and find the most common category of triggers. Amid this national lockdown, Indians have turned more to social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat, etc, to pass their time. A survey, conducted by Hammerkopf Consumer Survey, across 1300 people in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Chennai, has reported that in a week after the lockdown there is an increase of 87% in the use of social media by the Indians. Now people are spending around 4 hours per day on Facebook, says the team, while earlier the duration was on average 150 minutes per day.

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