I used to love Grand Marnier

Herdsman Perpetual Challenge Cup, champion Limousin: PR Dawes. North WestLimousin Breeders Cup, best opposite champion: NG Simms. Limousin Heifer Derby (Tommy Holliday Memorial Trophy), best home bred heifer: A Ewing. Well the Sunwolves are folding because of Super Rugby.MORE NRL NEWSLIVE UPDATES: All the latest from the May 28 season restartPOSITION SWITCHES TO COMPLACENCY: What your NRL club needs to improveELSE GOING ON Brandy by Bateman contract hesitationCAUTION: NRL warns there are still of hurdles to ensure uninterrupted seasonspoken to the Broncos and they have been to the NRL to see how much they could put him under there and now Andrew McCullough has gone there is room in the cap for Ben Te to join the Brisbane Broncos.will happen. It might not happen this week, but in the next two weeks Ben Te at 33 years of age will finish his career at the Broncos. He can play in the centres.

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