This involves seeking out salty old trainer Smokey

The sobering truth for Republicans of all stripes is that as long as their party continues to appeal primarily to white voters, it is an endangered species. The last Brookings Institute report on Census Bureau population projections, issued in 2018, concluded the country will become “minority white” in 2045. That gives the GOP a quarter century to either abandon its current strategy or slide into extinction..

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But the old school McQueen doesn’t like simulators; he wants to feel sand in is tyres. So he takes Cruz on a cross country trip to tap into his roots and show her the purity of racing on a dirt track. This involves seeking out salty old trainer Smokey (Chris Cooper) as McQueen prepares for a make or break race.

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Plus, this a rare opportunity. With the Indy 500 postponed, Little’s husband Cody Selman, an IndyCar crew member, is free of his racing obligations for the first time in 17 years, by Little’s estimation. Because Fox prefers its employees to avoid hotels, Little and her family made arrangements to spend the weekend at a friend’s house in the Charlotte area..

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