The single advantage of mobile phones is that people

The use of desktop or laptops has been reduced to office and homes. The single advantage of mobile phones is that people can look for anything, anywhere. Now, that be revolutionary in itself.. A few miles on, I arrive at my next stop, the Iowa 80 Truckstop, billed as the world largest. It says so on its very tall sign. I fill the nearly empty tank, go inside, have a look around and grab a milkshake for the road.

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So the film manages to somehow be frothy and fun as well as gritty and thoughtful. And its message is that life should be lived improvisationally, like a jazz song, making the most of whatever is thrown at you and perhaps ending up somewhere you never expected to be. Chazelle is of course also celebrating the magic of Hollywood in a genre that has been neglected in recent years.

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Toutes les viandes sont cuites et fumes lentement sur le charbon de bois, puis emballes dans les feuilles de bananier; il suffit de les rchauffer ensuite au four ou au micro ondes, ainsi que les accompagnements qui ont besoin d’tre dgusts chauds. Deux menus teints d’exotisme sont offerts. Le premier est d’inspiration asiatique avec cuisses de poulet ivre au vin shaoxing, chops de porc au gochujang (un condiment coren ferment), avec des zongzi (dumplings de riz collant farci, cuits en feuille de bananier) et un choix de salade (35$ pour deux personnes).

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Arnett’s gruff whisper is genuinely hilarious, especially in his postmodern flights of fancy, but Batman is a preening idiot, really. Dawson, Cera, Fiennes and Galifianakis are more likeable, but are sidelined in the story. And the sprawling, mega starry supporting cast offers a continual stream of solid laughs.

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