They argue Gray hasn’t fixed the problems fast

It’s a good move for the average layperson who goes to The Bins for the occasional errant piece of furniture or a cheap pair of pants and doesn’t wish to breathe in dust and ceiling particles. But how will this move affect the lifers? Isn’t part of their survival dependent on the fact they stand strong day after day in a dungeon like hell hole that the average Joe avoids like the plague? Who knows what sorts of awful normal people will be streaming in once the place is spic and span? JUNK’S LAST CHANCE Perhaps one of the best reasons to shop The Bins is to keep our old objects out of landfills, returning them to life’s gentle stream. “This is the last chance for all these items,” says Scrappers.

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Being governor can be a tough job especially in a crisis. But this is what Wolf signed up for. If Governor Wolf wants to be a true leader, he should apologize to those he insulted, come together with lawmakers and local leaders to address their concerns, and develop a plan that treats everyone with the dignity they deserve..

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