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The crowd were basking in sunshine, swaying, dancing, singing and simply having a huge party in a middle of a field. His songs ooze fun and joy. Writing, or helping to write songs with the likes of Daft Punk, some may not have associated tunes like ‘Get Lucky’ to Rodgers himself, and many of the songs were like this too.

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It’s just comical how you will be reminded of Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter in this episode. In this office themed challenge, they are asked to play basketball while sitting in their office chairs. Because of the game, Joong Ki bursts out, claiming that he is the Chairman’s son, and he threatened the opposite team as he bravely tells that he will tell his father about this (which is just so similar to Draco’s punch line: My father will hear about this!) Indeed, he was like a spoiled son in this episode.

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