That means the rest of the losing team has to work

When Foster started going to Ole Miss games, people tried to tell her how to tailgate. “But I told my husband, ‘If I’m going to do this, I’m going to really do this,'” she says. Foster wanted to tailgate her way, and she wanted to be the best at it.

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The second week of withdrawal was milder; I was sleeping off and on, but I was still feeling tense and tired during the day. Time was in slow motion. The third week was much better and I could resume my work life. Williams is 57. TV personality/chef Carla Hall is 56. Country musician Eddie Kilgallon is 55.

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The Hall of Fame will forever keep his legacy alive to serve as inspiration to future generations. An NFL Films tribute to Davis, former Packers center Bill Curry called him finest combination of leader and player that I ever saw. In that same tribute, former Packers offensive lineman and Hall of Fame member Forrest Gregg said can ever remember a football game that he played in where I didn think Willie Davis played absolutely the best he could possibly play that day.

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