Unless we roll down the windows to hear the engine

Always try to make good pitches so that doesn happen, but sometimes the ball just kind of carries when the wind is blowing out and you can do anything about it. My goal is to control what I can control and try to get guys out early in the count. Zeuch and Ryan Dull, as the Jays fell to 6 5 2.

Not being in the IM market, I can imagine it does need discipline. I’m at my computer all day most days, but for pleasure and enjoyment, it gives me something to do. The Street Articles and Blogging, give me a certain responsibility to followers of mine to return the respect they show by looking at and commenting on my posts.

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Inside, I’ll treat myself and three passengers to heated, cooled, and massaging seats. We’ll be supremely comfortable in a two tone leather interior, and the thermal and noise insulated glass will keep things quiet. Unless we roll down the windows to hear the engine, which will sound sweet thanks to the Sport Exhaust System.

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