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There is some debate as to whether these ‘angels’ are pastors or celestial beings. Frankly, it could mean BOTH, for celestial angels that receive and read letters are most likely in human form messengers to the seven churches. Angels appear to have a ‘territory’ or ‘people’ they watch over.

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It’s the most competitive Metro race in at least a decade. In 2010, former Hillsboro Mayor Tom Hughes won the council president position in a runoff, defeating Bob Stacey, who now sits on the council. In that primary, Hughes and Stacey were also pitted against Rex Burkholder, who was then a Metro Councilor..

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In 1988, former national security aides Oliver L. North and John M. Poindexter and businessmen Richard V. I have a set up at home. And there a huge documentary coming out on me about three or four months from now. You know, I paint and sculpt. Make a one time $45 donation to Kroenke Sports Charities. Postal Service within 4 weeks of purchase. Due to COVID 19 concerns, all DMV office locations are currently closed.

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