I could never have imagined that I would be so lucky

CatchphrasesThe Simpsons has become well known for its use of catchphrases5. Homer’s catchphrases are the best example of this. Even people who are only vaguely familiar with The Simpsons recognise ‘D’oh’, which is used to express displeasure, ‘Mmmmmm’, usually used to show appreciation for food, or ‘Woo hoo’, used to express excitement or triumph.

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I made history today,at least for me, i actually laughed. It might sound crazy but its probably been months since i laughed. Oh look at me sighs im such a downer. All these things, and more, have returned the game to the marginality from which it emerged during its brief efflorescence as the “hot” sport of the mid ’90s. Meanwhile, attendance dwindles (12 teams show a drop off from last year) and TV ratings plummet (Fox NHL telecasts have lost a third of their viewers over the last three years while ESPN’s audience declined 13 percent last year alone. Even among teenage males, viewership fell off by some 40 percent from ’97 to ’98).

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