And while convalescent plasma has doubtlessly helped

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wholesale jerseys from china Adam Glenn believes his father was simply too ravaged by the disease to benefit from convalescent plasma.Glenn’s plight does, however, highlight an uncomfortable truth about convalescent plasma: Promising as the treatment may be, it has been administered Cheap Jerseys free shipping in what some say is a counterproductive manner. And while convalescent plasma has doubtlessly helped many people, its benefits have been blunted by what critics say is a haphazard federal response.”We have no efficacy data at this time,” acknowledged a spokesperson for the Mayo Clinic, which received $26 million from the federal government to administer the expanded access program.The Jacksonville campus of the Mayo Clinic. (Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images)About 13,500 people have already received convalescent plasma through the Mayo Clinic, which requires doctors to register before connecting them to blood banks that have collected blood from recovered coronavirus patients. wholesale jerseys from china

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