If the latter is a phenomenon

The Titans scored the game’s first points after receiving the opening kickoff. A nine yard completion to running back Dexter McCluster converted a third down, and tight end Delanie Walker’s 21 yard catch set up Ryan Succop’s 47 yard field goal. Walker would go on to total eight catches for 108 yards..

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Fun, but basically frivolous.”. Vancouver comedian Torben Rolfsen with an observation: “(NBA commissioner) David Stern says that NBA fans boo LeBron James because he’s good. Maybe, but that doesn’t explain why they boo David Stern.”. Jerry Crowe, in the Los Angeles Times: “If the NFL followed college football’s lead, playing its championship game 37 days after determining the participants, the Super Bowl would be played in early March. In the interim, 34 other games would be played that had no bearing whatsoever on establishing a champion.

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The 2020 CT6 Luxury AWD model the base vehicle doesn’t have Super Cruise; the $75,490 Premium Luxury does. Sure, there are other things standard on that trim, such as Night Vision and a Bose Panaray 34 speaker audio system. It’s not like the autonomous suite itself costs $15,590, but you have to pay that much to get the automated tech..

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