Obviously you know the object

Montoursvilles Dylan Fontenot stands with his runner up District 4 Class AA medal after the Warriors fell just shy of defeating Southern Columbia, 56 50, in Catawissa in 2015 championship thriller.Southern Columbia was steamrolling its way toward another state championship. The Tigers were 12 0 and had mercy ruled all but one opponent, including consecutive playoff teams. And when Southern built a 14 0 first quarter lead against Montoursville in the District 4 Class AA final while allowing just minus 3 yards, another blowout appeared imminent.Instead what looked like a slaugher turned into a thrilling game this reporter still has trouble comprehending even though he was there.

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Ridley Scott used the film as inspiration for Gladiator, which told essentially the same, refried story and starred Richard Harris as the kind and enlightened Marcus Aurelius. Gladiator was a much glossier and prettier film, but lacked Fall of the https://www.cwjerseys.com Roman Empire depth. Still, Gladiator has thus far proved to be the last of the great Hollywood historical epics..

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In the end, Facebook Live prevailed. The event will stream live from the Facebook group Going Live With Love: Songs for Support of Jessa Roquet. A veritable parade of 28 local stars including Sarah Morris, Annie Mack, Adam Levy, Jillian Rae, and Vicky Emerson, to name a few make up the event’s lineup.

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