Todd Haskins, vice president of operations for

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cheap nfl jerseys Or, he said, it could be that some patients are taking longer to treat, meaning they taking up beds for longer.Marion said the department had a number of plans to create more alternative placements to free up room in the state hospitals to reduce wait times.That includes an initiative, announced this month,toclose the civil section at Norristown State Hospital intended for people not in the criminal justice system and convert some of those beds to “transitional beds”. Patients who no longer need intensive treatment will then be stepped down to those beds from the criminal section.”We are taking the steps that we believe will bring the waitlist down in the way we need to,” Marion said.But the ACLU of Pennsylvania, while pleased with many of the department actions, isn confident that its current plans will reduce wait times to constitutionally appropriate levels.Walczak, the ACLU legal director, said his organization is also frustrated that the state hadn yet analyzed why wait times aren improving.”There an answer,” he said. “There a way to figure out why that happening they haven begun the requisite analysis.”Meanwhile, some are concerned that the department actions have created new problems.Todd Haskins, vice president of operations for PrimeCare Medical, a prison health care contractor, is concerned by a new procedure the state created last year to move certain patients ahead of others on the waiting list.The department says this system was created to transfer particularly mentally ill inmates into the state hospitals faster.But Haskins said, based on his observations, the opposite has happened: less sick patients are jumping ahead of sicker patients on the waitlist.There are typically two ways for a mentally ill person in Pennsylvania criminal justice system to be transferred to a state hospital: either they are found incompetent to stand trial and need to be restored to competency or, alternatively, they are being held in a county prison either awaiting trial or already sentenced and require hospitalization because they are intensely psychotic.Haskins said that because the ACLU lawsuit appears to have only focused on the former group, known as “402 commitments”, and not the latter group, known as “304 commitments”, those inmates have been prioritized.The problem, said Haskins, is that he believes the latter group usually has a more dire need for treatment.”I believe the most acute people are on a 304 basis and they are the ones waiting longer,” he said.Rachel Kostelac, press secretary for the Department of Human Services, said that the department only expedited transfers for a small number of patients last year cheap nfl jerseys.

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