The products have won numerous awards and been a

Your report (Page 5, May 26) of the Grattan Institute stating the high speed train would be too costly gives no justification for that assertion other than a cynical and misleading suggestion that it will cost $10,000 per taxpayer for the primary benefit of business travellers. There is no present value total cost estimate but a suggestion it will take 50 years. If by taxpayer they mean those working it would constitute 16 million people, and hence cost in today dollars 160 billion, a figure twice what has been suggested in other discussions on this project.

canada goose outlet canada goose clearance sale There, stockpiling is of limited use.The United States has a stockpile of oil, enough to fill half of its car tanks. Canada has a vault of maple syrup, called a “strategic reserve” about 80,000 barrels worth.But when it comes to stockpiling “medical equipment” we might put a lot of effort into stockpiling ventilators, for example, only to find that the next emergency requires something different, or a different type of ventilator.And it’s hard to stockpile fresh food.We are exposed at choke pointsFace masks and food illustrate the risks.Half of global facemask production is concentrated in China. China’s factories closed during its lockdown at the time global demand simultaneously soared, resulting in a major shortages.Australia is one of the most food secure nations on earth, exporting far more than it needs, but a 2012 department of agriculture report found that many of the inputs, including pesticides and packaging, especially long life packaging, were made overseas.We got a taste of that vunerability in March 2020. canada goose clearance sale

cheap canada goose uk “It is expected that from the review we will develop a better picture about where services are needed and oversupplied,” a spokeswoman said. Operators said demand for places was greatest for mid week, particularly for babies, and more likely in the north. However, women working part time, more grandparents pitching in to care for children, and the government provision of free preschool were helping to shift the demand for paid childcare. cheap canada goose uk

canada goose canada goose black friday sale Four targets for Julio JonesJulio Jones made some spectacular receptions and was a factor in the game with his 87 receiving yards, but maybe Matt Ryan should have looked his way some more. The talented wideout caught all four of his targets, but those four looks were the fewest Jones has seen in any game this season. Instead, tight end Austin Hooper led the team in targets with six, only catching half of the passes thrown his way.. canada goose black friday sale

cheap Canada Goose He said after the relationship soured he opened an independent gym, Oasis Health Club, in Brisbane. “I still have the rights to open a Gold Gym in Brisbane, on the value they were being sold at, that was an asset worth $200,000, which no one is willing to take responsibility for,” Mr Kyrgios said. “It would be nice to close off everything that happened with that former employer. cheap Canada Goose

Canada Goose Outlet 6 years ago (pretty early in my career) I was working for a small consulting company in San Fransisco and negotiated a 4 day workweek for a paycut (as well as going remote). The schedule was awesome, but I did see one big downside you inherently start falling behind the full time employees. Everyone else is working full time, so they tend to accomplish more than you. Canada Goose Outlet

canadian goose jacket Eau Claire Distillery, Turner Valley AlbertaThe first craft distillery to launch a single malt Scotch style whisky in Alberta, Eau Claire is located near the grain fields it hand harvests to make its spirits. Customers are even invited to come help with the fall harvest: this year public harvest event will be held on September 15, 2019. The products have won numerous awards and been a runaway hit in Alberta, with core products like gin, vodka and the aforementioned whisky and more whimsical sips like cherry gin and the limited addition barrel aged LOVED Manhattan cocktail. canadian goose jacket

Canada Goose Jackets Also could be from, who knows, people who have invested billions in shorting the pound or shorting the country in the expectation of a no deal Brexit. We don know. EMBED START Image { id: “embedded245768428” } >Carrie Symonds and Stanley Johnson, the partner and father of Prime Minister Boris Johnson (Stefan Rousseau/PA)The Prime Minister sister has also previously revealed that the Johnson family avoid Brexit chat at the dinner table.. Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose Offer your support and direct assistance in getting something done for them. It might be picking up a prescription, a few groceries from the store, or simply getting the mail. Offer this help only if you willing to do what is asked of you.5. Nine protesters who were part of a nation wide demonstration against factory farming in Australia have been arrested at a Goulburn abattoir. The protest in Goulburn was one of several early morning invasions of abattoirs across the country to protest animal rights, marking one since the release of the Dominion film documenting factory farming in Australia. The Goulburn protesters broke into the facility on Mazamat Road just after 2.30am, chaining themselves to a conveyor belt canada goose.

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