Australian quake rescue team arrives in nz

Australian quake rescue team arrives in nz. city.

The 3.8 quake struck early Friday at approximately 8:30 p.m. local time in the North-West, sending tremors throughout the area.

At a news conference at the scene, the city’s chief disaster officer, Dr. Mark Rabinowitz, said he would not provide details about the cause of the quake until the state department had received a report from its bureau in Chile.

The office, set up last year to share information on emerging emergencies around the world, would then contact the city authorities, Rabinowitz said. The national disaster agency would then take over, he said.

“This is absolutely unprecedented, and the state and federal agencies will be there, as well,” he said.

The Chilean Geological Survey confirmed Friday night that the 3.8 quake struck just south of Chilindilla, the Chilean state capital, about 15 miles south of San Salvador City, which has a population of more than 200,000.

Chile has no official record of a quake hitting the capital of the North American continent since the 1950s, though some scientists suggest a magnit트럼프 카지노ude of 6.1 or greater could be a possibility. It was not clear when exactly the tremor struck.

An initial report Friday by CBS San Francisco showed at lea더나인 카지노st eight aftershocks that were heard as far away as San Diego, al우리 카지노though some locals did not report hearing anything. One person was injured in the shaking, NBC San Francisco reported.

The earthquake was initially said to be “not particularly large” because of the distance between the city and the epicenter, but that changed when residents came forward, as The Associated Press reported.

The earthquake was caused by the formation of several basins, or subduction zones, at or near the earth’s crust. At least 30 earthquakes are known to have occurred within subduction zones this century, affecting the entire world.

The U.S. Geological Survey said it “does not currently have an active earthquake monitoring program in the area.”