Breeding centre secures future for guide dogs queensland area

Breeding centre secures future for guide dogs queensland area


A former cattle breeding centre in south-east Sydney has secured the future for a breed of guide dog and horse racehorses that can be found in some rural areas.

In 2007, the former Bexley Road horse breeding centre on the outskirts of Melbourne was demolished to make way for the new Bexley Road Community Farm.

But over the years the Bexley Road Community Farm has become increasingly popular with students visiting for the week to check out the horses, and to buy their books and the chance to see them race.

Now the community is to be turned into a horse breeding centre and the biker is back behind the bar인터넷 바카라.

Diane Smith and her husband Dave are both trained horse breeders, and both have CDC 철도청 카지노horses who are named after their favourite hors강릉출장샵e names.

Mr Smith said the couple wanted to give up their lives in Australia to be closer to their horses.

“We are retired but would still like to see them go into this new business, to do everything they can to benefit those horses that are here on the farm,” he said.

“We’d love to work there at least as much as we work at the race track.”

The Mr and Ms Smith said they were considering moving, or looking for work elsewhere, and are ready to take on the challenge themselves.

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