Call for investigation into trade of illegal croc ivory

Call for investigation into trade of성남출장안마 illegal croc ivory

– Nairobi: Ivory, valued at about US$9,000 in 2002, will be seized as part of an investigation by the African Union to find ways to tackle illegal trade of endangered rhino horn.

– Nairobi: More than 30,000 trees were cut down this month by forest guards at a remote area of Kenya’s national park for logging. Kenya had promised it would protect the forest and allow logging. “We had promised that we would protect all areas. But now we will see what the consequences are for a forest of only a few tens of hectares,” national park rangers told Reuters.

– London: Thousands of trees fell in London and in neighbouring areas on Thursday night. The London Evening Standard reported that more than 90,000 trees fell during the night. London’s Labour Council confirmed that it had lost 300 staff in the felling of trees.

– Washington DC: More than 50% of the forests of the Amazon basin have been cleared for plantations, in an attempt to boost forest growth whic엠카지노h is one reason why deforestation has reached record-high levels in Brazil, the world’s second-largest producer of forest products, and Peru. The loss is also a symptom of political crisis in Colombia and Peru, the world’s two biggest forest producers with an estimated 12% of their total reserves being logged. In Peru, there is widespread speculation that large-scale logging may happen as a response to President Pedro Pablo Kuczyns공주출장마사지ki’s “No, we want to fight corruption” program.