Coroner to get report on windang beach drowning

Coroner to get report on windang beach drowning

MANILA – The coroner of Pimentel Laguna town said the death of a man who drowned due to a wave may have been prevented if the shore had been marked with flood lights and warning signs.

Giovanni Alencar Jr., 37, the son of a former mayor and a lawyer, drowned Wednesday night after being swept up by an unusual wave at the windang beach during a fishing trip, Davao City Coroner’s Office director Humberto G. Padilla said in an interview Friday.

“We do believe that these lights were a clue as to the reason for his death,” he said.

A witness who came upon the scene and rescued him told authorities that the father’s body went limp at first, but then began drifting.

A resident named Luis Alencar identified himself as the son of a former mayor who died last year in a boat crash while out on a fishing trip. He said the two had had a heated argument following the death of his son.

Giovanni Alencar Jr. was an executive officer at a large government company with a reputation for service and a well-respected position in his hometown.

“The father of the deceased was a person whose life had long been in the hands of the company he worked for,” said Alencar.

It was not c온라인 바카라lear Friday how the boat he drowned aboard went down in the sea when it was swept along by the windang. Authorities are investigating and are still trying to determine the cause of his death.

Tsunis said authorities from the national police, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, local emergency management agencies and a private company are among those looking into the incident.

“I am sure that there’s no law enforcement organization in the city that’s involved in looking into the circumstances (of the death),” he said. “All these agencies have been working closely with us during the search.”

The city has a city-wide flood warning in place for most of the city, b넷마블 바카라ut Tsunis said it is in effect only for three hours each day. It’s not clear at this point if a flood alert will be in eff솔레 어 카지노ect when the waves hit the beach.

The area was heavily flooded over the past few days and several houses were swept down by the storm.

Giovanni Alencar Sr., the son of the former mayor, died while driving his boat on the Pinta Laguna River, about six kilometers fro