Students leave school to attend protest march

Students leave school to attend protest 청주출장샵 청주출장마사지march; students protest against the school.

The students took off the school’s uniforms and began holding a silent protest. “We have to be strong because we will have a lot to look forward to in our community,” said student Rachel Johnson, adding that the school needs a lot of training.

“They are supposed to be helping us,” said Rachel, who has her own career as a nurse at the hospital. “This is not right.”

The protesters told The Daily Beast that the school has already been “discriminatory” in hiring and in policies in hiring and firing based on race. As one parent told The Daily Beast, “What should really be said is to ask these people why they feel free to go out and strike? What is their motive?”


“It’s definitely one step in a whole larger pattern.” said another parent who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not affiliated with the school.

The students, they said, want the school to “take it easy on [them] for the next two years and hire people [who] can actually teach [them] effectively.”

When The Daily Beast asked the school for an interview about the students’ grievances against the administrators, it did not respond directly, instead releasing a statement saying the school had worked closely with the family to offer them the “support and counseling” they needed. “The safety and well-being of our students is the number one priority of the community, and we respect this principle,” the statement read. “Since learning of the incident in February 2012, our team has focused on supporting our students and continuing to prov제천안마ide support to their teachers.”

The statement also went on to say, “At the outset of school week, school staff, school counselors, and the district’s parent engagement committee were informed and the community was presented with 오바마 카지노a plan to address the challenges faced by our students.”


The district was not given the name of the school for this story. One parent spoke to The Daily Beast on condition of anonymity because the incident is “of public interest,” as is the fact that the parents are not affiliated with the school.

But many students and their supporters told The Daily Beast that the school had gone ahead with the teachers’ firing anyway as a result of the initial protest.

“They’re not even considering them for the job,” said a parent.

At a school with the second largest black population in the U.S., where students are nearl