Installation of satellite and television antennas.

Installation of satellite and television antennas.

The Telemir-TV company provides services for the installation of satellite dishes in the Moscow region: at dachas, in private houses, apartments and organizations. Wizards perform installation and configuration in 1-2 hours. We offer our customers a large selection of receivers, antennas and related products.

The equipment is always available. Installation of satellite dishes is made by the operators Tricolor, NTV Plus and MTS.

You can order the installation of a television antenna in your country house or in a private house by calling 8 (966) 060-35-60 or through the feedback form on the website.

Prices for the installation of antennas.

Name of work Price in rubles * Satellite antennas Installation of Tricolor TV antenna (our set) from 6 250 rubles. Connecting a plate MTS TV (our set) 6 990 rubles. Installation of the NTV Plus antenna (our kit) from 7,990 rubles. Connecting the customer’s antenna setting from 2 500 rubles.

Installation of a plate in an easily accessible place 2,000 rubles. Digital terrestrial antennas Installation of a digital antenna with a prefix (our equipment) from 4 500 rubles. Connecting a TV antenna with an amplifier (our equipment) 12,500 rubles. Installation of a digital antenna (client equipment) 2,000 rubles.

Antennas for enhancing communication 3g / 4g Installation of 3g / 4g antennas tuning (our equipment) 22,000 rubles. Connection of 3g / 4g antenna setting (client equipment) 2,000 rubles.

* The cost of installation may be increased depending on the complexity of the work. Additional work materials (cable, adapter, splitter, etc.) are paid separately and discussed on the spot with the master.

What types of antennas do we install?

Depending on the needs and geography of the location, our masters select the type of TV antenna and related equipment (cable, adapter, converter, etc.).

Installation of 3 types of antennas is available for the clients of our company:

Digital terrestrial; Satellite (Tricolor, NTV Plus and MTS). To enhance 3g / 4g communication;

The most popular options for organizing television in a private house or in the country is the installation of a satellite dish. The dish confidently receives a signal from a satellite from anywhere in the Moscow region and transmits a picture without interference and ripples.

– Installation of a satellite dish Tricolor TV – from 6 250 rubles. (includes a receiver, converter, antenna, cable and work on installation and adjustment).

– More than 220 channels.

– The annual subscription fee for the “Ediny” tariff is 1,500 rubles.

– Plate with a diameter of 55 cm.

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